Amalgam, Vacublu Line Cleaner, 64 Oz.

SKU# 1003120
Clean and condition your vacuum lines and your amalgam separator. Vacublu is a simple and easy-to-use biodegradable cleaning solution to keep your vacuum lines clear and your amalgam separator working properly.
  • Benefits of VacuBlu® 
    • Concentrated, aqueous, enzymatic, biodegradable dental vacuum line cleaner
    • Safe for use on all vacuum equipment and specially formulated for amalgam separator maintenance
    • Neutral pH and contains no bleach or other chemicals that can dissolve amalgam particles
    • Each bottle contains 64 fluid ounces of concentrated line cleaner or 128 Gallons of working solution.

    VacuBlu® offers a simple solution for cleaning and conditioning dental suction lines and your amalgam separator.
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