Sharps, 18 Gal Sharps Management

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Large capacity 18-gallon container suitable to ship back sealed sharps containers (No loose sharps). This container paired with the UPS approved ship-back box is an ideal solution for those dental professionals in need of a cost-effective solution for sharps waste disposal.
  • Featuring 
    • More economical solution than shipping individual containers in their own shipping boxes
    • Ideal solution to help you dispose of your old sharps containers that do not have a disposal service tied to them
    • DOT PG2 rated container which is safe for transport of your sealed sharps containers (no loose sharps to be placed in this container).
  • Specifications 
    Container Dimensions: 17"L x 12.25"W x 24.5"H
    Ship-Back Box Dimensions: 17.5"L x 12.75"W x 26"H
    Outbound (Empty) Weight: 7 lbs
    Return (Full) Max Allow Weight: 40 lbs

  • Capacities 
    Approximate container capacity (No loose sharps to be placed in containers)
    (24) 1-Quart
    OR (6) 5-Quart:
    OR (4) 2-Gallon + (4) 1-Quart
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