UVC 365DisInFx Disinfection Puck

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The 365DisInFx is ground-breaking technology leverages decades of UV and LED experience to develop solutions for continuous air disinfection while meeting human exposure standards & guidelines in occupied spaces. Traditionally UVC was only used in unoccupied spaces, but Current’s breakthrough technology allows for use in occupied spaces 24/7.

Features and Benefits
  • - Safe for use in occupied spaces.
  • - Provides continuous air disinfection in real-time 24/7 Current’s patent-pending disinfection technology is expected to provide greater than 99% inactivation of aerosolized viruses over 24 hours.
  • - Safe when used and installed as directed, continuous 24-hour exposure in occupied space is under the limits stated in IEC 62471 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems.
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    Terms and Conditions
    • Purchase includes manufacturer-recommended replacement prior to replacement date through HealthFirst auto-ship services for the following component: LED every 12 months.
    • By purchasing the 365DisInFx technology through HealthFirst, you agree to receive replacement components at the above internals, to be invoiced at time of shipment.
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